The Dahlia

Over the past couple of days, I have been tossing around ideas for the flower in my next collage and I was leaning toward the daisy. However, my one year old and I were out shopping when she spotted a bunch of dahlias in a crowd of several other flowers. She said, “pretty” and my response was, “yes they are beautiful.” I took a short pause looking at the stunning flower and my mind was made up. Like most things in life it came out of nowhere. Needless to say, I came home and searched for the perfect images to make a collage on the dahlia and everything fell in to place. I love it when that happens! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that my flower books wouldn’t have any information on dahlias. I’m surprised that a flower so striking isn’t more note worthy.

Looking online I did find some interesting information about the dahlia. From the site I discovered that the dahlia is the national flower of Mexico and the official flower of the city of San Francisco. Most flowers only have two genes, but the diverse dahlia has eight. Dating as far back as 1552, the Aztec where known to use dahlias for their healing properties associated with the treatment epilepsy. In addition, the Aztecs used the big stems of the Dahlia imperialis to carry water. Symbolically the dahlia is said to be a sign of dignity and elegance. It can also be a sign for travel, change, and it can signify a warning.

The digital art collage below is made using a variety of layered vintage images, ephemera, lace, and fabric. A giclee print with archival inks can be purchased at my Etsy store. (This image is copyrighted and can’t be printed or copied for any reason.)

Dahlia Digital Art