The Crow

I understand that some people might not like crows and others might even think of them as bad omens. I am not one of those people. I like the dark and mysterious side of crows, and although scavengers are not the most highly regarded animals, they will be able to survive longer than most species. Crows are birds of opportunity, and they can definitely be trouble makers and tricksters. Despite their mischievous antics, crows are also highly regarded by many people and cultures.

Crows are thought to be guardians of truth and keepers of sacred law. In my own life time, I have crossed paths with crows during pivotal points in my life and have even felt as though they were there to tell me something. In this day and age, I think people (myself included) tend to overlook nature and the signs and symbols that can be found in it.

I went to the library to do a little research on crows and found a really cool book called, Spirits of the Earth by Bobby Lake-Thom. The author talks about his own experiences with animals, nature, signs, and symbols. Bobby Lake-Thom is a Native American healer who looks to nature and animals for guidance and knowledge. Lake-Thom interprets animals as guide posts, which are there for a purpose rather than mere coincidence. Lake-Thom writes, “I believe Nature communicates to all people. Maybe not all the time, but at least some of the time.”  I love it when I come across new material that explains things I have always felt. Native American cultures have tapped into the connectedness of it all and what they call the Great Spirit. Lake-Thom encourages his readers to let go of the superstition stereotype and be open to experience things for one’s self.

Lake- Thom describes crows and ravens as signs of protection. If you see a crow or raven, they stand as a symbol to let you know the path is now clear and you can proceed. Northwestern tribes in California use crow symbols, power, and prayers to protect their loved ones who are going into danger. It is also believed that crows can travel between the realms of the living and the dead. They even have the ability to carry a soul from one realm to the other.

(Lake-Thom, Bobby. Spirits of the Earth. NY:New York, 1997.)

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