Door Symbolism

“If the door of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

. . . William Blake

I am drawn to doors and door images. The door can mean many different things. It can be an entrance or an exit. A door can represent a new challenge or opportunity, or it can be an escape. It can represent a closing of the past, or a passage to a new future. For me, the door represents a going in and looking beyond outward appearances to find what is essential. This going in is something to strive for or towards and ultimately represents finding the truth, which according to most spiritual texts was never lost. It is getting the door open that presents the problem.

In The Book of Symbols, the door is described as a place of transition. In ancient Egyptian tombs, doorways were built to allow free passage for the soul. In ancient Roman cities, the deity Janus protected doorways into the city. The door also protects a house from the elements and whatever else is outside. In the Christian tradition, people often hang crosses over the doorway to keep out evil spirits. In some Eastern traditions, it is recommended to keep a Buddha statue facing the door, so when people enter he is the first thing they see.

(Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism. The book of Symbols. Germany, 2010.)

I created this digital art collage in Photoshop using ephemera, handmade paper trees, and a vintage doorway picture of a London street. The collage can be purchased online at my etsy store. (This image is copyrighted and can’t be printed or copied for any reason.)