All About Color

This week is all about color for me. I love color, and lately my color preferences are becoming bolder. Colors that I never thought I liked are now my absolute favorites. I have a huge collection of beads, and in my collection are many statement beads that have punches of vibrant color. When I first started making jewelry and doing bead work, I used a lot of beads and a lot of different colors; however, today my work seems to be moving in a different direction. I’m leaning more toward single colors and simply clean lines and shapes. I’ve experimented with several different designs, and I have finally come up with a necklace that I find simplistic and striking. Each piece features a different color and in the process of making the necklaces I have become interested in the different colors meanings and symbolism. We all have particular colors that we are drawn to–what’s your color?



The color red is known to symbolize prosperity, joy, heat, and life. Wearing red will increase your enthusiasm and give you more energy.




The color blue is associated with wisdom, faith, and heaven. Blue has the ability to create a calming effect.





There is a vast amount of information on the web about colors and their meaning. Here are a couple links that I referred to. . .


  1. Courtney says:

    Green for me :)
    Miss you Rachael! I love the new necklaces!

    • Rachel B. says:

      Hi Courtney! Im glad you like them. Check out my shop for new earrings over the next couple days… there are some cute green ones :)

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